Yolanda Evans

Client Experience Director

Yolanda is an important member of the KIMSA family: Client Experience Director – the one who makes sure we are on track to focus all our energies into providing for our clients’ success.  Yolanda uses her strong organizational skills and resourceful mindset to oversee the internal processes and functions which are required to meet our clients, partners and regulatory bodies expectations for our work.  It’s a daunting task but Yolanda gets many kudos from clients and partners for her receptive and amenable demeanor to meet every challenge with creative adaptation and agile decision making to any situation that presents itself.

Yolanda grew up in Jakarta Indonesia with a strong Catholic education background and emerged as an ambitious young lady.  She came to the USA in 2001 and has never stopped looking to improve her career path in the insurance and wealth management sectors.  Her husband, Jonathan, can attest to her formal personal adoption of the Nike slogan, “JUST DO IT”!  Following this exhortation, Yolanda has carved out a career path binding together her unique skill sets with a laser-like focus on delivering positive, profitable outcomes for both her company and its clients.

Yolanda enjoys spending time with her family – Jonathan and, daughter, Jasmine.  Even though she has extended family scattered across the USA and the world, she frequently connects with them as much as possible via phone, text or video calls.  Travel is often a popular topic as Yolanda and Jonathan love to plan their vacations to various locations in the USA, Asia and beyond.  Shopping and eating at new restaurants are two hobbies for the whole family to enjoy whether on trips or at home in Chandler.  Yolanda really believes in shopping as a stress-reducing therapy and practices this treatment as frequently as her schedule allows – she has an affinity for shoes that are a challenge for her to efficiently organize given her propensity for new purchases and she is constantly on the lookout for new fashion and makeup ideas/trends.  If you need any fashion tips or where to find the best deals, Yolanda will be happy to assist!

Yolanda Evans Fun
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