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Our philosophy is more than just about money

Our philosophy is more than just about money

We chose the name Kimsa for the reason that it's an all-encompassing feeling that happens when you know things are done to their fullest extent.  Kimsa is well-being, happiness, peace of mind, and so much more. It’s financial organization, yes, but it’s also planning for life’s surprises with insurance, estate planning, accounting needs, taxation issues, and investment advice.  Kimsa will take care of the details so that you can confidently navigate life as you see fit.

Stages of Financial Wealth

As we move through life, we evolve as individuals and employ different strategies depending on our current situation and future goals.  So too should be your approach to financial wealth.  This is why the Kimsa philosophy is based on the evolution, or life-cycle, of the client.  We typically recommend certain strategies over others based on where you are, and where you are headed as an individual.  Within this broader framework we customize each strategy to maximize the probability of the client reaching their goals.  Below are the stages of wealth that we think captures the evolution of most clients.

Stage 1 - Emerging Wealth - Working and saving for retirement.  Most net income is going to current living expenses and repayment of debts.  Some net income is going towards tax advantaged retirement plans.  May have assets other than the primary residence, received a small inheritance, or the business is just becoming profitable.

Stage 2 - Developing Wealth - Still working and saving for retirement. Individuals can cover their living expenses, max out their retirement saving, and have money left over.  Their other assets are becoming material and may require custom strategies of their own.

Stage 3 - Mature Wealth - Nearing retirement or divestiture.  The individual’s net income is significantly greater than their living expenses, and they may be able to save large amounts outside of available tax-sheltered accounts.  Their other assets are significant and likely require customized strategies to maintain continued growth and prudent management.

Stage 4 - Generational Wealth - Transitioning wealth to the next generation.  The individual may or may not be working.  Their sources of cash flow are significant and/or numerous.  The assets and estate require advanced analysis and planning to ensure wealth transfer occurs as tax efficient and smooth as possible.

We may fit neatly into one stage or we may fit into multiple stages.  However, that is not what is important.  The important part is knowing where you are and where you are headed.  This way you can be confident knowing that your financial strategy is sound and contributing towards your broader life goals.