Estate Planning

Leave a stronger legacy and enable your wealth to have a direct and lasting impact.

Preserve What You've Built

If you own real estate, own a business, have retirement accounts such as a 401k or IRA, or have insurance policies, then you need to have an estate plan in place, and it should be reviewed often.

The fact is everyone needs estate planning. Business owners need to have a succession plan in place to ensure their business will last beyond their lifetime. Complex issues such as combined families or special needs should be part of an estate plan.

Kimsa provides estate planning specifically tailored for business owners and high-net-worth individuals. Our holistic total wealth management approach is what makes the difference. Our team and vetted partners take care of everything to ensure we protect, preserve, and foster your financial health.

Be ready for what comes next.

Seamless Estate Planning

Whether you already have a trusted estate planning attorney and tax advisor or you're looking for one, Kimsa has you covered. We have a group of highly vetted partners that our financial advisors work with closely to ensure your estate planning process is seamless and your loved ones, your business, and everything you have worked for is well protected.

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